Woodsman's Pizzeria

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Have fun at Somaud!

Eat a lot and play a lot at Somaud
which is in the forest!


Chop wood and lounge in a hammock!

Have you ever chopped wood before?


Try doing it when you drop by Somaud! Chop some wood with the staff.


The axe is a little on the heavy side, but when you get the hang of it and swing straight downward, you can split the wood cleanly in half!

The firewood is slowly dried over the course of a year, and eventually becomes fuel for the pizza oven and stove.


All the firewood used at Somaud is wood scraps such as wood cut from interfering trees.

We repurpose these wood scraps to make our living.


Feel free to lie down on the grass out front or on the hammock!
(Please suprevise your small children if they use the hammock.)

Give it a try!